Saturday, June 8, 2019

On June 2, 1989, the World Wrestling Federation embarked on a new path: releasing feature films. The first, obviously starring Hulk Hogan, was No Holds Barred, a trash classic featuring Tommy 'Tiny' Lister portraying the unforgettable Zeus. Here's the trailer for those who might not remember.

With the film's 30th anniversary recently passing, it reminded us that we actually reviewed this trashy wrestling-based flick back in July of 2018, prompted by a conversation regarding The Rock's status as a Hollywood megastar. For those of you who might want more from the squad after we dropped our Super ShowDown preview episode earlier than normal, we figured we'd hit you with this 30-minute excerpt from that episode.

We'd suggest going back and watching No Holds Barred before digging into this; and if you rock with the Black Rasslin Podcast, be sure to subscribe to us via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, or wherever else you snag podcasts.

And as a bonus, here's Lister talking about how he became Zeus.

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