Sunday, January 20, 2019

Once again, the Black Rasslin' Podcast is back with another hilarious episode. illfam79, MatthDamon, and khal might not always stay on topic, but they bring the big facts with their look back at the week that was in pro wrestling. Here's what they got into this week.

  • The reason why LeBraun lost his Universal Title shot at Royal Rumble
  • Bobby Lashley's IC Title win
  • Andrade losing his full name
  • Finn Balor's push
  • The Women's Tag Title situation
  • The latest on Shane Strickland, Lars Sullivan, and the AEW
  • and much more!
You know the routine: you can stream and download this week's episode via SoundCloud, and subscribe via iTunes and Google Play. And don't forget; our latest hoodie is available for pre-order right now! We'll catch you next week; tell a friend to rate, comment, and share!   

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