Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Black Rasslin' Podcast returns after the long, 875 hour Wrestlemania extravaganza. It was another 'Mania for the record books, and now illfam79, MatthDamon, and khal are here to not only recap the show, but look at the Raw and Smackdown shows after Mania, among plenty other news bits from the week. Here's what the fellas get into.

  • A recap of Wrestlemania 34
  • A look at all of the call ups to the main roster
  • Brock Lesnar's contract shenanigans
  • Alicia Fox clapping at Ronda Rousey's husband
  • If Rusev is gone from the WWE
  • The current state of Enzo Amore's sexual assault investigation
  • and much, much more!

You know the routine: you can stream and download this week's episode via SoundCloud, and subscribe via iTunes and Google Play. We'll catch you next week; tell a friend to rate, comment, and share!

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