Monday, February 19, 2018

Not too long ago, the WWE started the "Crews Can't Lose" angle with Apollo Crews. He would end up losing (because duh), but interestingly enough, Apollo's lost his surname. At least, that's according to his Superstar page.

Now this isn't necessarily new; Big E hasn't been "Langston" in a while, just like Elias is no longer "Samson" and Cesaro no longer goes by "Antonio." Thing is, the timing of this one is different. The world has been rocked by the horrific shooting in Florida by a man named Nikolas Cruz, and according to Sportskeeda, Vince McMahon himself doesn't want to hear the name "Crews" again, so they decided to chop Apollo's name in half. Makes total sense, and truth be told, Apollo doesn't lose anything by dropping the "Crews." Hell, we would've been a-OK with him debuting as Uhah Nation, but whatever works.

Interestingly enough, Terry Crews was on Twitter earlier today injecting himself into this name change.

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