Sunday, December 31, 2017

It's been a trying year both inside and out of the squared circle, but The Black Rasslin' Podcast couldn't end 2017 without looking back at the last 365 days. illfam79, MatthDamon, and khal not only take a look at the week that was in pro wrestling, though: they also kick off the first annual Niggy Awards! Here's what the squad got into this week.

  • Jason Jordan becoming the first WWE Tag Team Triple Crown Winner
  • The growing desire for Hulk Hogan to return to the WWE
  • Who John Cena might be wrestling at 'Mania
  • A string of injuries
  • The first annual Niggy Awards, including everything from Best Match and Most Underused Wrestler to, of course, the Black Rassler of the Year
It's a jam-packed, hilarious show. You can stream and download this week's episode via SoundCloud, or grab it via iTunes and Google Play. Thanks for checking us out in 2017; on to a bigger and brighter 2018!

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