Friday, December 22, 2017

The Black Rasslin' Podcast is back and ready for the holidays. MatthDamon, illfam79, and khal return to recap the wild week that was in professional wrestling, and regardless of how much they rocked with Clash of Champions or not, they turned in an episode that'll be perfect to play during your last-minute Christmas shopping activities. Here's a look at what they got into.

  • A full recap of the WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view
  • The WWE announcing the first Women's Royal Rumble match
  • What that might mean for Ronda Rousey in the WWE
  • The latest on #DickSwann's situation
  • Justin Credible's drunken tirade at an indie show for $150
  • The death of The Z-Man Tom Zenk
  • Enzo Amore's Hot 97 freestyle
  • and much, much more!
As usual, you can stream and download this week's episode via SoundCloud; it can also be grabbed via iTunes and Google Play. Fuck around and Mark Henry Claus won't leave a thing in your stocking.

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