Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I know, it's been a long time, yadda yadda. Black folk haven't faired any better. Here'd a look at what went down (for black folk) on the Survivor Series go-home edition of Raw.

Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox stood outside the ring

This match was all about Bayley getting on the Women's Raw team for Sunday night, so Sasha and Alicia just got to stand in the ring like they weren't just beating each other's ass a month ago. At least they got to finally get into the ring?

Jason Jordan got his ass kicked by Bray Wyatt

Sure, he ended up getting the win, but Bray jacked Jordan's leg up, which plays into the main storyline of the show (Black Angle's daddy messing up the brand and the Survivor Series team).

Triple H gives Jason Jordan a Pedigree

Jordan has a spot on Team Raw, but with all of the concerns over Angle possibly shitcanning the team (and the brand), Triple H magnificently returns, Pedigrees an already-injured Jordan, and takes his spot. And now you know why Triple H has been doing so much ring work overseas.

So yeah, no Titus Worldwide, no black man on Team Raw, and no actually black women wrestling this week. Why do I do these again? For full results, head over to WWE.com.

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