Monday, October 9, 2017

On a night where The Shield reunited to kick off Raw, you knew our black brothers and sisters were going to be some also rans. Don't believe me? Here it go.\

Jason Jordan defeats Karl Anderson

Because 50/50 booking is still a thing. At least he won...but what does any of this mean?

Elias beats Apollo Crews...again

Why even continue to have matches in this series? Elias is continuing to defeat the black guy to set him up for...who? What does defeating Apollo every week even mean?

Cedric Alexander can't win a tag team match

Sure, this was used to get people familiar with Gallagher being a heel now, but goddamn. Should black folk just lay down?

Sasha Banks eliminates Alicia then get eliminated by Emma

Now, this was basically a match to be the woman Asuka fucks the fuck up during TLC, but did we need black-on-black defeats to then get a defeat by Emma? I give up.

If you want to know what else popped off this week, hit up

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