Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Was this the best episode of Raw for black people in recent memory? It sure feels like it.

Sasha Banks helps Bayley attack Alexa Bliss

I honestly don't even know anymore. Nia Jax wins on a night Bayley returns. Sasha and Bayley, who I think are the faces, then attack the heel Alexa Bliss...so are we finally starting to build up Bayley, who returns in her hometown and is now on the No Mercy card? Whatever, at least she didn't get beat.

Apollo Crews has a match!

And he gets a win...yeah, it's over Curt Hawkins, but WORLD-WIDE! WORLD-WIDE!

Now, earlier in the show...

Which then lead to...

When THEN lead to...

Jason Jordan becomes the #1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship

Not going to say the problems we spoke on last week have been rectified, as this was always a rumored storyline for Jordan since before Summerslam. Fingers crossed that this is the push they'd been waiting to give him, and that we (finally) get some development to Jordan's character.

HOPEFULLY, the WWE can keep this (black) streak going. Full results over on WWE.com.

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