Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Welp, Booker T's back, and Jason Jordan had a surprise for everyone.

That's right, they tried to recreate the Cena/Angle magic from 15 years ago.

Jason Jordan takes on John Cena

After last week's insane Cena/Reigns promo, it was kind of perfect to have Cena take on a new guy. Of course, that means Jordan loses to Cena, which turned into another Reigns/Cena segment. What the hell is going on with Jason Jordan?

Sasha Banks lost a tag team match

At least she got her shit off?

Cedric Alexander helped Enzo Amore get a win

Sure, Enzo's gonna be the biggest thing on 205 Live, but does he need to get there on the back of workhorses like Cedric Alexander?

And...that's it. While you're checking out the rest of this week's results, we'll be sitting here wondering why there aren't more black WWE stars.

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