Sunday, September 24, 2017

Decent amount of black folk on WWE No Mercy: Sasha Banks is up for the Raw Women's Championship, Jason Jordan's up for the Intercontinental Championship, and Apollo Crews is...somewhere.


I know, he's been doing these kick-off shows for a bit, but what does this mean—should we be expecting David Otunga back on a show any time soon? Does he even still wrestle?

Apollo Crews loses to Elias

Guess that win on Raw was a set up for Crews to lose? One of these days, a brotha's gonna get some momentum.

The Miz defeats Jason Jordan

Welp. We figured Jordan would lose; no reason to give him the strap that early. Hopefully this means their program continues. And if it does, it better continue with better burns, because this post-match interview was horrid.

Sasha Banks did not win the Raw Women's Championship

As much as I love seeing Sasha hit the Bankrupt then flip it into the Bank Statement, I'm tired of seeing her lose.

AAAAAND that's it. After black superstars have an amazing night on Raw, they lost every match they were in not even a week later at No Mercy. Joy. Full results are over on

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