Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Overnight, word spread on the rasslin' internets that Xavier Woods, aka one-third of The New Day, was injured during a house show match in Texarkana, Arkansas against The Usos. Tuesday morning, video of the injury hit Twitter.

After taking to Twitter to say that his injury "didn't even look cool," Woods hopped on an UpUpDownDown livestream to confirm that he is injured, and that it was an MCL sprain. Becky Lynch, who was also on the livestream, said that she had a similar injury and it took about a month to heal. She even said she was able to wrestle with this type of injury, so maybe Woods won't miss any TV time (at the very least)?

According to Wrestling Inc., the severity of the tear can determine how long Woods would be out. If it's a grade 1, he could see heal time take about a week; for a grade 2, it'd be two-to-four weeks. We'll keep you posted on Woods' status. Check out the livestream to hear Woods talk about his injury.

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