Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Image via WWE
This is supposed to b e one of the bigger Raw shows this year, due to it being the go-home show for this Sunday night's SummerSlam. Maybe that means we got more black faces on Raw this week?

Doubt it.

Titus O'Neil got Tozawa his SummerSlam match early

Maybe he'll get himself a match at some point. Although this meant we got to see Renee say "WORLD-WIDE!" On the bright side, Titus actually guided Tozawa to a title, so everyone say it with us: WORLD-WIDE!

Sasha Banks earns her Raw Women's Championship Match

At least they got this right. Surprised Sasha got the win in Boston, though.

Elias beats the shit out of R-Truth

"This the part where we crank it up!" The fucking bell didn't even ring.

Jason Jordan teams with the Hardy Boyz

Because he already needs help getting over...oops.

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