Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Image via WWE
With Battleground going down this Sunday, it looks like Smackdown put on...a go home show. With Jason Jordan gone from the roster, they're down one black man, but that's one black man who wasn't doing much of anything to begin with.

Whatever, here's what the remaining black Superstars of Smackdown did this week.

Kofi Kingston lost to Jimmy Uso

With The New Day and The Usos set to battle at Battleground this Sunday, we get the 50/50 booking. At least we got to see Kofi Kingston (literally) kick a bunch of Uso ass before Jimmy slyly took the win from him.

Naomi watched some TV then was put on notice

Considering that the only other thing Naomi did was watch TV during the women's match, it's kind of weak that her one promo segment was ate up by Carmella and a briefcase. Whatever, we're building towards something. But damn, give Naomi a lil more to do.

I, for one, am excited for the future of black people on Smackdown; aren't you?

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