Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Image via WWE
We're in our second week of this series, and truth be told, it's truly depressing. When you force yourself to look at what black people actually do on WWE programs, it's insulting to see how little black people actually get to do. Don't believe me? Just watch.

Xavier Woods defeats Jey Uso

I guess that's what happens when you crack jokes about a man's sex tape. Dope build, though, as everyone else involved got ejected from the match for multiple instances of interferences.

Naomi stood around while a Battleground match was signed

"Hey Naomi, wanna stand around while we make a match for Battleground?" "Sure, whatever."

That's it

No, there was no Jason Jordan. Basically, while this week's Smackdown had the best black people segment on a WWE show, there were only two segments. Even Raw had more black people doing was just wack. This series is getting depressing.

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