Wednesday, July 5, 2017

If you thought this week's edition of Raw was weak on the black people in power positions lane, then you need to start paying attention to Smackdown. Sure, there were like four segments of black WWE superstars on Raw, but they mostly dealt with meh-level feuds, and even if the segments on Smackdown were fewer, they were more entertaining.

Jason Jordan was in the Independence Day Battle Royale

Nothing to write home about, especially when his American Alpha tag partner was the real start of the show.

Naomi confronts Carmella, then defeats Lana in record time

Yeah, for the most part, the Naomi/Carmella beef feels like it's more about getting Ellsworth over,  but when that segment, which did get the crowd hype, turned into Naomi beating Lana in "near-record" time? You gotta love when a champion can be treated like a champion.

The New Day and The Usos have a rap battle

Fam, you gotta love how The Usos referenced that tape of Xavier Woods. And peep Wale's reaction, which is all of our reactions, especially if you watch battle rap.

They got into an actual fisticuffs battle, but fair play on the Usos for their pen game.

And that's about it, although if you missed Naomi's VERY patriotic bikini photoshoot, you need to rectify that ASAP. Stand at attention and all of that.

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