Tuesday, July 4, 2017

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You know how it goes; we're black af, but have to sit through our people being improperly utilized week-in, week-out on WWE programming. Because we need information to see how black people are actually being utilized on these shows every week, I figured it might make sense to start keeping track of how the African American Superstars of the WWE are used on shows like Raw.

Here's what went down on the July 3, 2017 edition of Raw, which was the go-home show for this Sunday's Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view. And be sure to catch out recap of this week's Raw, Smackdown, and more on The Black Rasslin Podcast.

Sasha Banks makes Alexa Bliss tap out

One of those things where it looks dope on TV, but a week before a PPV? It might mean Sasha won't get that fourth title run. She says she's ready for it, though (while lowkey throwing shade at Bayley).

Alexa also kinda called Sasha dumb, so...yeah.

Cedric Alexander defeats Noam Dar

No one gives a shit about 205 Live, and this Cedric program is played, even if Alicia Foxx is back in action. At least Cedric won?

R-Truth attacks Golddust

He had to make up for that terrible beat down that Goldie gave him last week. Sadly, Truth did pretty much the same shit Golddust did to him last week and Golddust walked it out like it wasn't a big deal.

Braun Strowman kicked Apollo Crews' ass

Earlier in the show, Titus O'Neil essentially let us know that Crews vs. Strowman would happen. With Reigns "not even being in the arena," you already knew this meant "Crews would be getting his shit pushed in." And he did. LeBraun could've finished the match twice, but ended up extending the match longer. This lead to LeBraun winning over Crews, then beating Titus' ass to boot after the match was won.

Of course, Reigns was there, and he ambushed LeBraun, but fam, did two black guys need to get decimated for that to happen? The WWE's answer is "yes," but wow.

End Results

Even if black folks got over three out of the four times they were featured on the show, how many of these moments truly matter? Unless the Sasha Banks vs. Alexa Bliss title match at Great Balls of Fire is going to be lit, we might've gotten handed a bunch of duds. Just saying. Also, how Titus just gonna feed his mans to a gigantic wolf? What part the game is that?

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