Monday, July 10, 2017

Image via WWE
Well, another WWE pay-per-view is in the books. We saw a gaggle of title fights, including Samoa Joe almost choking out Brock Lesnar. Black people? They didn't do much. Here's a look at what Black People got to do at the inaugural Great Balls of Fire.

Sasha Banks defeated Alexa count out

Because nothing says "anything can happen because we have five titles on the line" like all of the title matches up to this point being wins for the champs. And while I get that you don't want to spoil the ending on YouTube, I'm not sure if the entire video should've been Alexa beating Sasha's ass the entire time?

That's it

I mean, sure, Titus O'Neil was ringside during the Tozawa/Neville battle in the pre-show, and Booker T shuckey duckey'd all over commentary, but there was no Apollo Crews, no R-Truth, no...wait, what other black people are on Raw? What is Vince preparing us...for?

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