Monday, July 17, 2017

Image via WWE
So the end result of the Kurt Angle saga, which involved Cory Graves digging into Angle's text messages and dropping ominous hints, turns out to be Kurt Angle revealing that Jason Jordan, who was one-half of the former Smackdown Tag Team Champions American Alpha with Chad Gable, is his son.

Seems like a convoluted way to bring Jordan to the Raw roster, no? Also, Chad Gable might've won the night for the best tweet.

It was surely better than Jordan's.

So after an awkward embrace during some trash ring music,the segment was basically over. Thing is, it's NOT over. Was this really the best idea the WWE had for breaking up American Alpha? It makes sense, considering that just a few weeks ago the WWE made a big deal on Smackdown about Gable's future as a star, while Jordan did next to nothing during a battle royale.

The real question is, did the WWE just course-correct Jordan's actual racial make-up? I mean, they've acknowledged in the past that he's of mixed race, literally showing his black daddy on television.

The connection makes sense, though, considering that Jordan's gone on record as saying he "studied Kurt Angle a lot." Wonder if he ever considered actually being in an angle with Kurt (no pun intended).

It looks like once Raw goes off the air, an exclusive interview with Angle and Jordan will air on the WWE Network. Keep it locked.

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