Sunday, May 7, 2017

Truth be told, you can't fuck with everyone. Titus O'Neil proved that with his alleged violent response over a stunt for the WWE Network program Swerved, which we're not sure anyone was watching.

According to a lawsuit from cameraman Donald Anderson, there was an electric shock prank that the producers of the program decided Titus was a good fit for. The prank, which was filmed in May of 2015 and can be seen here, found Superstars getting zapped, but when it was time for Titus to get pranked, he allegedly wasn't having it, and proceeded to kick a camera out of Anderson's hand.

Anderson says he suffered injuries to his hand, fingers, and wrist, and got the fuck out of Dodge (or wherevever they filmed this prank) because, ahem, he was "in fear of the possibility of further attacks by Titus." AKA, "this nigga looked PISSED and I wasn't trying to get my entire ass kicked."

For this, Anderson is seeking $1.2 million.

Now, with The Titus Brand becoming a thing on Raw, it's hard to tell what, if anything, will happen to Titus on TV, but it feels like another raw (no pun intended) deal for ya boy. He only just recently got off of Vince's shitlist for that Daniel Bryan debacle, but what happens if he causes the WWE to pony up a milli for some bullshit prank situation?

Also, it's not confirmed if Anderson is suing just Titus or if he's thrown the WWE in this lawsuit as well, but this could get interesting.

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