Monday, May 19, 2014

On the long-forgotten Blackrasslin podcast (and on a number of my Twitter rants), I've joked about "Team Niggas," which right now is R-Truth and Xavier Woods. One thing I remember Mike Sempervive of F4W hinting at (or, rather, questioning about) last week was if the WWE was purposefully having Rusev attack people of color, as he destroyed Woods at the last PPV, and has taken out R-Truth in subsequent weeks, while most recently jacking Big E Langston up. Apparently Bryan Alvarez is being credited with mentioning that "perhaps the company is planning on doing a new storyline similar to the Nation of Domination. This isn't a confirmed plan or anything but it was mentioned by someone in WWE when talking about how Rusev had wins over Xavier Woods, R-Truth and Kofi Kingston, and is now apparently feuding with Big E."

If this is going to happen, I say here, here.

See, I've been wanting to see an all-black stable since Elijah Burke was doing the damn thing in ECWWE. He had the mouth, and the majority of the black rasslers on all three rosters were in need of some kind of push... which is basically how it is right now. Think about what a 2K14 NOD would look like:

R-Truth, Xavier Woods, Big E, Mark Henry, Titus O'Neil, and Darren Young (if he's down). Hell, throw in a Tony Atlas chuckle and you have something there. You could even add Cameron and Naomi to the mix, make it a truly diverse party. And add JTG's never-used ass to the mix.

Now how far away from this coming to fruition are we? Who knows. I'd love to see them unite, primarily because THEY'RE BARELY DOING ANYTHING WITH THE BLACK TALENT ON THE WWE ROSTER RIGHT NOW. Just saying, give them a push and figure out what happens. Use a hot stable to elevate Xavier or something. C'mon. I'm giving you this book for free.

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