Friday, April 25, 2014

There was a time when the coolest shit in the world, to me, was R-Truth attacking John Morrison, then smoking a cigarette during a Raw taping in the UK. This was in April of 2011, back when a water bottle to the head would hurt a wrestler, and Michael Cole was a heel. The hilarity of the UK crowd chanting things like "THAT'S ILL-EGAL" and "think of the children, Truth" still gets me.

This isn't about that, though. This is about the promo that Truth cut a week later on Raw, which I believe was a Draft show. Truth, a long-time fan favorite, didn't have his signature entrance music, and used this almost eight-minute promo to officially turn his back on the fans, turning full heel. And it's the best shit ever.

There are just so many quotables in this, from his pronunciation of words like "sayonara" (which I turned into a hashtag, #sawonawa), "frustration" turning into "fustration," and how he felt "MAAAH-VA-LUSSS!" You also have to love how the censors were late (two times) trying to bleep Truth saying "pissed off." It's just a thing of beauty, and most importantly, birthed the entire "Little Jimmy" craze. Yes, it's been three full years since we first heard the term "Little Jimmy" uttered on WWE television.

He officially gave every last one of yall THE BOOT! DEUCES!

These days, we don't get much of Truth on TV (although he is in a random handicap match for Extreme Rules). It's a shame, as he did have a fun run with this weird phase. Remember this promo, as it could possibly be the best we'll ever get from R-Truth.

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