Wednesday, February 5, 2014

In looking over research for this quick drop, I just realized that the Prime Time Players had been allies since February of 2012. They broke them up practically two years to the day of their first tag team matches on NXT Redemption. Why? Who knows; I'd venture a guess that the WWE couldn't give a shit.

See, right now the New Age Outlaws are tag team champions. I figure they gave them the belts after a decade plus of not being champions (or NEEDING to be champions) due to the old school resurgence that's going down with the WWE Network (which makes sense, considering that they're trying to get everyone from Sting to Stacey Kiebler on the roster). The problem is, the WWE has had a decent tag team crop right now: The Usos, the Rhodes Brothers, Los Matadores, Rybaxel (groan), The Real Americans, and any combination of The Wyatt Family and The Shield. And the Prime Time Players, although after their match at Smackdown last week, they're kaput:

Mind you, this change is for no one but Titus O'Neil:

As you saw on Raw, who now "has potential":

Although, hell, this ended up being just as much about The Miz as anything.

So really, why did they break up the Prime Time Players? Sure, they weren't going anywhere, but that's the same with most of the teams in the tag division. The WWE obviously doesn't give a shit one way or the other when it comes to furthering their division, but do you truly think that O'Neil is going to get a proper push, or will he wallow in the singles division in a few months... or weeks? Just seems fucking silly to sleep on what the team was doing together. Guess that gives knew meaning to knowing your worth...

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