Monday, September 17, 2012

Figured it might make sense to give you guys a rundown if you didn't watch last night's Night of Champions PPV - although if you're on this site, you've seen it. It wasn't a bad PPV, I think I've just been underwhelmed. We had some good matches, but it's the finishes I wasn't getting. And I think my predictions were pretty spot-on. Strap up!

#1 Contender For The US Title Battle Royale
I hate these; they fill the match up with a grip of geeks and like 3 guys you could see winning. The way Tensai was dominating, I knew HE wasn't winning, but I didn't care either way. Zack Ryder won. The Internets guy won on the Internets Pre-Show.

Fatal 4-Way For The Intercontinental Championship
Another match I wasn't too jazzed over; Cody Rhodes going back to obsessing over masks and faces? Eh. I did think the ending was funny, with The Miz winning while being blinded by one of Sin Cara's masks. Decent match, but not one I'd want to watch again (although I know my son will definitely have me re-watching because of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio). Match didn't do much to sow any seeds for a future Sin Cara/Mysterio feud either.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
I already knew that Daniel Bryan and Kane were going to win. I was mad about the Prime Time Players not being booked in this match. And what to do with Truth and Kofi now? Are they still a team? The more I think of it, they might have to be - Kofi has no gimmick right now. Christ. Thanks, WWE.

WWE United States Championship Match
No way Ryder was beating Cesaro. I feel like I'm the lone stick in the mud but I could give a fuck less about Antonio's gimmick. He retained, with no feel that there was a rematch in sight for Zack.

Randy Orton vs. Dolph Ziggler
Interesting match here. Ziggler is super over with the crowd - VERY loud "Let's Go Ziggler" chants. I was surprised that a) Randy won (that sleeperhold into the RKO was brilliant) and b) that we saw the "old" Orton. Felt like the beginning of a heel turn, or at least this dual personality thing getting turnt up. I dug this one.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Kaitlyn got laid out earlier in the evening and to no one's shock, Eve got put in her place to face Layla. Eve won. I liked this match! I like how Layla moves in the ring, and the had some dope moves and counters. Eve's the diva with the most going for her right now, story wise, so it makes sense. I hope this isn't the end of Layla, though.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match
So we went through, what, two weeks of the Brogue Kick being banned just for Booker T to reinstate it at the start of this match, just so Sheamus could Brogue Alberto Del Rio for the obvious win? What was the point? The one thing I got invested in got ripped from me. They have good matches together but this is like the third or fourth PPV with the same exact finish for them. Move on to something else!

WWE Championship Match
Best match of the night, and I thought it'd be hard to follow Dolph/Orton.  I hate "you can't wrestle" chants for Cena; you'd think Punk was carrying him in these matches. They know each others rhythms, and their styles match up well for these kinds of bouts. Another bout where I hated the finish, though. Really. You guys had Paul Heyman out there, and all you could think of was the double pin/Punk retaining via draw thing? Really? Dogs miss me with that.

I hate PPVs where great matches are ruined by meh finishes. I give this PPV a B-/C+, and that's off the strength of the matches. Not much happened, though. We had two title changes, but neither were important. Hell, Bryan/Kane's title win was just to push their hot angle - they won't be holding those for long.

JBL on commentary is a mixed bag - I wasn't mad at him at ALL, but some of his comments were a bit outlandish in terms of believability. He did seem to have Cole shook, not having much to say. Weird night. I guess JBL will be on Raw tonight as well?

What were your thoughts on this PPV? Give this some comment love, let's talk.

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