Sunday, September 2, 2012

Following up from the news of Cameron getting a DUI on the 24th of August, word from F4W is that she's been suspended for 15 days as of the 31st of August, with her suspension being lifted on the 14th of September. A combination of the WWE not learning of this directly from her, but via the Internets, as well as her being spotlighted on the premiere episode of Saturday Night Slam (which is for the childrens) really messed her entire situation up.

Reports are saying that she was sent home from the recent Raw Tour in Australia. She was on the Thursday show in Brisbane, but did not perform on the Friday night show in Sydney, or in Melbourne on Saturday. No telling what will happen on Raw tomorrow night - assuming Brodus Clay is booked, and has his regular entrance, his GIVE IT UP FOR CAMERON AND NAOMI will have to be amended.

You'd think she'd do what other stars do and puff that good.

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