Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As you know, Friday Night SmackDown tapes on Tuesday nights, so the spoilers hit the 'Net dumb early. Seeing as the news contained within this post directly relates to this very blog, I have to post this, but if you don't want to see a spoiler from Friday Night's SmackDown, do not read this post. You've been warned.

The new General Manager of the SmackDown brand is... Booker T!

Word from the results of Tuesday night's SmackDown taping are as follows:

Vince McMahon opened the show and announced the new General Manager of Smackdown would be someone who would call things down the middle and announced it was Booker T.

I love this news. Booker T has been a great addition to the WWE commentary staff in my opinion. Sure he's not the BEST on the mic but he has energy and brings a certain amount of FUN to the events. He's also a character, so him being put in this GM role will be a benefit to the overall feel of the show. This next piece of info is what really sealed the deal for me:

Eve Torres was sucking up to Booker trying to get a job. Booker hired Teddy Long as his Senior Adviser. Booker than told Long that his first assignment was to tell Torres that they had no more job openings.

So not only do we get Booker T as GM, but Teddy Long is now his Senior Adviser! I'm hoping this lasts for a while. It'll be that much more incentive for me to check out SmackDown on Friday nights, especially now that my son is so into it. Good things to come... as long as it's not mucked up!

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