Saturday, August 11, 2012

Not too long ago, Dawn Marie responded to Kamala's video about Wrestler's Rescue. I didn't post it because I had a feeling it was bull, and guess what? Kamala went on Inside The Ropes and basically confirmed what I thought, which you can hear a bit of in this week's podcast. Hit the jump for the transcription, and if you want to donate funds to Kamal, Paypal him at Stay up, Kamala!

On what's happened: Dawn Marie contacted me a few months ago about doing a benefit called Wrestlers Rescue. Times are tough for me, I accepted it. It went on and She told me "I'm going to send you a check" I never got a check. I called her and told her and she said she'd send it out that day. A few weeks went by and nothing came. After I did the video, exposing her, she sent the check. Now I returned it because there was no funds in the bank and I heard she stopped the check after that. Now MWF out of Boston, MA , they did the same thing.

Why he sent checks back: After I put the video up, they said they helped me. If I hadn't done that video they would not have helped me. When Wrestlers Rescue sent me the check, they said it was a certified check, which it wasn't. I called their bank and I was told the funds were not available. The reason I called the bank is because I've had checks before that have bounced and cost me $35. Did he ever tell Wrestlers Rescue it was too late to help him? I never told them it was too late to send the money. I never talked to them again. I don't want their help. It's not legitimate. It's not from their hearts. They want to give me money just to say they helped Kamala. Nobody speaks good about them. The only one they helped was Jimmy Snuka and he lives near Dawn in Jersey so I guess she helped him because she was too scared he'd come over and slap her face if she didn't. She didn't think I'd go as far to expose her.

On people helping him and how people could help him out: I appreciate anyone trying to help me. I'm very grateful. If anyone wanted to help me the best way is paypal at Now the name that pops up is Emmer Bradley but that's my wife. Thank you to all my fans over the years for being my friends and my fans, I love you.

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