Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Looks like JTG isn't happy with either his position or the position of the Black Rassler today. While we're not sure WHAT set this off specifically, it can't be hard to draw conclusions. Could be the lack of depth most rasslers of color receive. Could be that awful mess they did to his hair. All I know is JTG took to his twitter to release a couple of statements, some that could affect his standing (although he hasn't named names, so we'll see). See what's on JTG's mind after the jump.

"Make decisions based on your worth, not your circumstance!" I wish some one told me this 2 years ago."

He continued Monday night, "The camels back just BROKE ! I had enought of this.

"As a pro athlete,Im tired of me and my lockerroom brothers being taken advantage of . Fans have no idea what we go through.#itsanillusion

"Yea I said it.

"Nobody wants to speak up, everybodys afraid of losing their job or getting taken off TV."

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