Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Yup, it looks like Brodus Clay's Funkadactyl Cameron caught herself a DUI on the 24th of August. The news hit last night, but I waited for a few more details before getting into it. Let's dig in:

**Apparently she blew a .20 (aka twice the legal BAC in Florida) after an evening of drinking martinis before hitting the road.

**Allegedly, Cameron attempted to bribe to officers to a tune of $10,000, as she feared losing her job. As you may know, the WWE is currently part of that "Be Sober, Or Get Pulled Over" campaign, and having one of your "superstars" getting a DUI doesn't really look good.

**Wild thing, though, is the following statement from the WWE: "Ariane [Cameron] did not alert us to this matter, we are investigating and will take appropriate action". Leads me to believe that the WWE got wind of this the same time everyone else did.

End of the day, this doesn't look good for the girl at all. Like, I wouldn't be surprised if she's fired by week's end over this. Just not a good look. More on this when it comes out, for sure!

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