Thursday, August 30, 2012

Current TNA Television Champion Devon is dropping some (not so subtle?) hints about his future with TNA; his contract (as well as the contract of his former Team 3D partner Bully Ray) is set to expire this week. He recently hit twitter with the following message:

I would like to thank the TNA fans for making the last seven years fun. I'm sure we will see each other again down the line real soon. I'm ready to see where God brings me to next. I can't wait. I see big things on the way. Oh and Hell no, I'm not retiring.

Could he be returning to the WWE (at some point)? Who knows. TNA is live tonight - will he be dropping the TV title, assuming there's not been a new contract signed? Who knows. The brother has been doing the damn thing for years - I remember when he debuted with the Dudleys back in ECW, with the white frame glasses (because he's black, contrasting with the white Dudleys and their black glasses), and to see him - and Bully Ray - shine so bright, it's crazy.

Hopefully TNA isn't this stupid. A lot of their new talent comes through the Team 3D training facility, if I'm not mistaken. If he's gone, how will that work? Time will tell!

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