Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Without official word, sources say that Kharma is no longer with the WWE. It ends up coming down to Creative having nothing to give her in terms of a push/storyline: per the F4W newsletter, "she was scheduled to come back a few months ago and destroy both Bellas to win the Women's title, but when word got out on the Internet WWE canceled the angle". Which is stupid. I have heard that the WWE has done this numerous times, so they can swerve the Internets, but really, this was a year-long angle sitting right there for them. Now they've squandered the opportunity, and advised Kharma to "to clear her head, but that the door was wide open for her to return". I figure she either takes that advice and waits it out or goes to Japan and makes some bread a few tours a year.

The constant misuse of quality Black talent within the WWE is astonishing to me. And it has to end.

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