Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I had heard (and was tweeting) on Monday morning about a fight New Jack and Balls Mahoney got into backstage at this weekend's Extreme Rising show in Philly. Word is that these two had been beefing since an argument at the Extreme Rising show in April, and escalated when Balls went on some DVD interview using "the n-word" several times. Balls says he got permission from New Jack to drop the n-word, but New Jack basically said "I'll see you when I see you". It's being reported that New Jack attacked Balls with 12 hard shots, but Balls was in a defensive stance so while he wasn't seriously injured, he did get busted open and has some swelling on his face. Thing is, New Jack grabbed a machete (how the hell did he get a machete in the building?!) and approached Balls, but security in the back broke it up. Balls stayed in a room for the remainder of the night, and word is that these two have settled their issue, but what the hell?!

I'm surprised Balls even felt like he could drop the n-word - I'm assuming it was some shoot where he was either imitating New Jack or thinking he was cool enough to use the word? Who knows. Why he would even think to test someone like New Jack, who has legit killed men and gotten away with, and has no problem putting on some of the most brutal matches in history, is beyond me. Hopefully we get to hear New Jack's side at some point.

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