Thursday, July 26, 2012

While I'd read earlier this week that Kharma did indeed confirm to a fan, via Twitter, that she had been released from the WWE, no official confirmation from the WWE or Kharma has been done. I touched on that briefly during the latest blackrasslin podcast, but in reading this week's Wrestling Observer, this nugget of info from Dave Meltzer was found: "The situation with Kharma is that she was in Florida training to return, but got the knock for being out of shape, hard to work with and stubborn about suggestions of how they wanted her to change her character. She had been losing weight".

So it might not just be that Creative had nothing for her, but that they had nothing for her in her current persona, and maybe she didn't want to leave that persona behind? I can see the out of shape bit, as she was pregnant and out for a while, damn near a year. Still... damn. I'll update when we get the final word/more info.

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