Tuesday, June 5, 2012

After Raw last night, I exchanged a few tweets with Emilio Sparks, speaking on Michael Cole's role as a heel commentator, and my disdain for how he buries talent in that position. I always figured it made more sense for a guy like him, who knows how to talk and isn't afraid of taking a bump, to be more of a Bobby Heenan managerial role - that weasal who not only has the gift of gab and can speak for those who otherwise aren't great on the mic, but always has the right plan and a stable to back him up against a John Cena or whatever opposition are out there. For the time being, I don't see Michael Cole leaving either Raw or Smackdown to manage any superstar, but with the emergence of Abraham Washington as a player within the Raw show, we might have our guy. And he needs to make it.

Many remember Abraham as the host of a weird late-night talk show segment on the former ECWWE program on SyFy, but those who remember know it more for Tony Atlas' annoying laugh (sidenote: the Tony Atlas YouShoot interview is dope). Abraham has a bigger career within the WWE's Florida Championship Wrestling territory, where he wrestled regularly and acted as both FCW General Manager and as a color commentator. So he's got the experience and the chops. When he made his return back in March of this year to WWE programming, I was open.

See, one of the constant pieces of contention within the organization is the lack of superstars who can really work a mic. Sure, the end result of a solid in-ring performance is key, but if you can't hype the crowd into the arena, who's going to see you blow the roof off? That's why a Bobby Heenan was so crucial - he could get both his talent over, their opponent over and himself at the same time. It's not an easy job, but someone has to do it. And the way WWE seems to be under-developing the skills of their superstars when it comes to mic work, you'd think a resurgence of managerial positions would come alive.

A.W. started out approaching Mark Henry, but I figure his need for surgery pushed that to the wayside. As of early May, he signed Primo & Epico to his All World roster, alongside Rosa Mendes. While word is Mason Ryan has been working back and forth as a bodyguard for Dolph Ziggler at house shows, rumor is Ryan signed to A.W. as well. We've not seen hide nor hair of A.W. or his stable on TV for a few weeks, but his twitter is active, and I imagine they're waiting to spring a proper introduction for this stable at some point.

Opportunities like this should be handled correctly but utilized more. There's no telling what you can do for a new guy that you consider has a great look but lacks the talent to put themselves over. Back in the day this is how many talents were introduced. Kamala never spoke, he usually had a handler or a manager (sometimes both!) do the speaking for him. Doom had Woman introduce them, and used Teddy Long to work themselves into angles with the Four Horsemen and others. A guy like Mason Ryan SHOULD be a mute enforcer, running down the competition his manager lays in front of them.

God help Abraham Washington. I can only hope the WWE sees what they should do and allows him to win.

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