Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pretty much agreeing with the general public, the WBO investigation into the Pacquiao/Bradley bout on June 9th has been completed, and they deem that the fight was not scored correctly. They agreed with the consensus that Pacquiao should've won the bout, but the important note is they are allowing Tim Bradley to keep the title. What's crazy is, the five-judge panel who reviewed the fight tape all scored it for Pacquiao.

Word is that Pacquiao will fight on November 10th - either exercising his rematch clause against Bradley or against another fighter - but definitely figure that Pac will seek revenge at some point. In the end, it sets up a pretty solid story for their second bout, whenever it's held. The question is: do you feel cheated? Would you buy another Pacquiao/Bradley PPV, given how incompetent the scoring has been proven to be in their first meeting? HBO sure hopes so...

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