Monday, June 11, 2012

Feels like any conversation regarding the WWE has to come back every few months, but with word of R-Truth breaking his foot over the weekend during WWE's Spain tour, compounded with the suspension of Randy Orton, Alberto del Rio's possible concussion (also suffered this weekend) and plenty more, and the holes within the current WWE rosters are big enough to fit Abdullah The Butcher through.

While many people online will have you think that the sole problem with the WWE's lack of pushing new talent is that some of their favorites (Dolph Ziggler, Seth Rollins, etc.) don't get the push they feel is deserved, but the main issue is times like this, where you've got several big superstars on the outs and no one to properly fill in the shoes. Word is at the end of June, the Smackdown house shows will have both CM Punk and Daniel Bryan working them, with John Cena essentially carrying the Raw brand on his back on house show runs, battling Tensai and Big Show. With the loss of Randy Orton, drastic measures had to be taken, and this is in a time where Rey Mysterio should be healthy but isn't booked for road work yet.

The R-Truth problem is even worse when you consider he's one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions. Not that there was a title match scheduled for No Way Out, but now we're sure to be done with it. And this is the second time in two years that Kofi Kingston has been champion during a time where his partner would be missing out. Dude's really putting in work, and you'd think the WWE would reward him with a bigger push... right?

With TNA recently celebrating 10 years in the business, and building off of some highly praised iMPACT TV shows as of the last few months, the WWE isn't the only game out there. TNA definitely isn't making as much money as WWE is, but if the WWE continues to rely on old ways and push their stars past the limit, who's to say what could happen? If Cena were to suffer a major injury tomorrow, Vince would have a heart attack trying to come up with a plan to replace the funds lost from Cena's presence. Who would you legitimately believe that the WWE would back like they do Cena that's currently on the roster? And until the WWE decides to actively progress and improve upon the natural talent of those individuals they have blessed with contracts, their future will always have a dark cloud glooming over it.

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