Thursday, June 14, 2012

Oddly enough, I've not even seen the induction of Ron Simmons yet - guess I'll be glued to that Wrestlemania 28 DVD. Recently, JBL spoke with Busted Open Radio about inducting Ron into the Hall of Fame. I'm glad he actually thought about the importance of this moment: "All of the speech came from the heart. As far as the structure of it, I thought 'I'm just telling the truth about my best friend.' I thought this was going to be very easy, but then I started realizing how important the situation was. This was the first black heavyweight champion. This is a guy who was probably the best nose tackle of all-time in college football. I'm inducting a real legend, which sometimes I lose fact of because he is my very best friend. I had to take a step back and think 'I've got a place in history here, doing something for somebody who's done something really phenomenal.' The first guy to break through that color barrier in professional wrestling; this is an incredible individual. There was a little bit of planning because when I first thought about it, I thought I could do this off-the-cuff. And a lot of it did come off-the-cuff, but a lot of it was a bit of planning to make sure I represented Ron in the best way". Think of how odd it would've been if Layfield didn't take any of that into consideration before the event?! Congrats again to Ron Simmons.

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