Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In yesterday's drop regarding R-Truth's broken foot, I mentioned how this isn't the first time Kofi Kingston was a champion and ended up losing a partner to some issues he had no control over. I knew during last night's Raw that Truth would get written out somehow, hence the reason Big Show decked Truth for talking about the situation. And while it's definitely understandable that Kofi would want to stand up for his boy, but why did he have to get beat so badly? Did we really need him to be thrown into a cage match (figuratively and literally) with Show? And still, what's to come of the titles? Will they just fade into the background like they did last year, when Evan Bourne got caught with that spice with Truth?

Kofi's been a solid talent - he's obviously agile and is one of the few capable faces on the Raw roster. I know I've personally given him flack when he first came to the WWE due to his fake patois, and for his lack of charisma on the mic, but his series with Dolph Ziggler last year impressed me, and I'd love to see him shine. Just not like this, especially since there's no way he's going to get retribution. A champion having to do a job isn't NEW, but come on. Let Kofi live.

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