Saturday, June 16, 2012

I want to stress that this hasn't been confirmed, but with going around about more Superstars than Randy Orton getting hit will Wellness Policy violations, and judging by his physique, it would make sense. There has been chatter about three violations recently hitting - Cody Rhodes failed a test but was able to provide a valid prescription for whatever popped up. It coincided with him tweeting about "taking time off", but he's booked for this Sunday's No Way Out PPV. Word is now hitting (from SuperLuchas, which has been breaking news on Orton, Rey Mysterio and other violations) that Ezekiel Jackson recently failed a test for high levels of sunthetic testosterone. like Cody, Jackson is reported to have given a prescription for this, and was not suspended, but I'm not seeing anyone but SuperLuchas (and sites referencing their report) speaking on this. If this is true, it might coincide with the following vlog Big Zeke made, promising a "new & improved" Ezekiel Jackson. Or maybe it's all bologna. Hit the jump for the vlog.

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