Monday, June 25, 2012

...but I'm not too mad. I read that the WWE isn't sure about how they want to bring Kharma back in - but they want to bring her back in. Word is they want her in as a face, and want to do a feud with Beth Phoenix, but they want to build it over time and not rush into it. I'd say there's no time like the present. Creative doesn't really book the Divas division too intricately, so it can't be hard to do some scare tactics/run-ins with Beth interrupting Kharma's return, but I definitely appreciate them wanting to take time with it.

The obvious fear is that the writing staff will just not come with it, and have her debut at some awkward B-show. If this were me, I'd be trying my hardest to get Kharma vs. Phoenix for SummerSlam, as that would be pretty money on a card that should alreayd have Lesnar/HHH on it. Just makes sense for a big Divas title match. And they'd have abotu a month and a half to work it. Time will tell - I just hope they don't wait too long and totally sink the match.

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