Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now before we get into anything, Sabu is not dead. Word is the above was taken by Justin Credible, in the hotel room he shared with Sabu. Was this the state Sabu was in that prompted him to be rushed to the hospital last night, prior to the Extreme Reunion show?

A rep for the event tells TMZ, "Sabu was found unresponsive in his hotel room earlier today when event staff went to his room to pick him up for tonight's show. Management is currently awaiting results from his doctors to find out what actually happened." The rep continues, "All we know is that he had prior health issues that might have been a contributing factor. We're pulling for him and are very concerned for his health. We wish him the best of luck in his recovery." 
Who knows. I hate making statements like that, but upon hearing that "Justin Credible was removed from last night's Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia because of concern about his condition backstage. Credible was found earlier in the evening "slumped over, passed out asleep" in a chair", I can only assume they were in the hotel room, going ham on some reminiscing shit, and shit got too deep too quick. Sabu survived the ECW heyday, and I have no doubt he's used and abused many substances, but for a man who legit ripped his bicep during a barbed wire match and secured it with duct tape - and continued the match - I figured his story would end in a blaze of glory. Not in an allergic reaction to meds or whatever the story is. Keep Sabu in your prayers.I'll keep you believers posted on his status when more news hits.

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