Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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The Brodus Clay ‘Funkasaurus’ gimmick has been shelved for the time being. We’ve heard from multiple sources who say Vince feels his ring work wasn’t quite where it needed to be for television. A match with Clay vs. Heath Slater was cut from Smackdown two week’s ago after it was taped when the decision was made he needed to work on his ring skills.

What do you guys think about this? Was his in-ring work that bad? I mean, he was there for the joke and the squash - were they expecting stellar mat skills? Why do I just have a bad feeling about this? Word has been that WWE gave Mark Henry Clay's initial idea for the #HallOfPain, and it took a while for them to finally re-debut Brodus. Hopefully he comes back and can get back in the mix, or at least continue this character for the time being. I was enjoying it, as were mad fans. And from what I'm seeing, people are not happy with this news. Time will tell.

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