Thursday, February 23, 2012

I might have to apologize in advance: this is a long episode. Like almost 90 minutes, trust. With having to recap WWE Elimination Chamber PPV, Monday Night RAW and Super Smackdown, as well as touching down on information regarding WM28, CM Punk vs. Chris Brown and more? I had to go in. This might be one for the record books. Enjoy this one!

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song: Black EL x Durkin - Purgatory
Random News/Views
song: Khi Koobane - Reckless Drivin' Freestyle
WWE Elimination Chamber 2012 Recap
song: Cap.Chron - NV Us
Monday Night Raw (2/20/2012) Recap
song: ROE - A Legend Of His Own
WWE Super Smackdown (2/21/2012) Recap / outro

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