Friday, November 11, 2011

Word on the Internets is that James Harris, aka Kamala (the Ugandan Giant), recently had to have his foot aputated due to complications with diabetes. I was actually listening to a Tracy Morgan bit, talking about how Black people describe medical ailments, and diabetes was "you know you're gonna have to lose that foot". I actually just reminisced on Kamala briefly during the latest blackrasslin podcast, so this is fucking wild. I already spoke Alicia Fox onto WWE programming, but I wasn't trying to do this. I've copied the complete report from WrestlingInc after the jump. Get well, Kamala. reports James Harris, who is known as "The Ugandan Giant" Kamala, had his foot amputated Monday due to complications of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Hollywood Jimmy, a close friend of Harris, wrote Wednesday, "I talked to James today and he's in good spirit. James is a true Memphis Wrestling legend and will be missed in the wrestling world. I had the opportunity to travel up and down the road with James and he's one of the nicest people in the wrestling business. I wish James a speedy recovery and we hope he feels better."

This would likely signal the end of his 37-year career as a professional wrestler, which has included stops in every major promotion including WWE, World Class Championship Wrestling, the National Wrestling Alliance, Mid-South Wrestling, Memphis Wrestling, World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling and the American Wrestling Association. He continued to compete on the independent wrestling circuit in recent years and would occasionally resurface on national television. He last appeared on a national show at TNA Wrestling's Slammiversary pay-per-view event in June 2008, as a guest at Jay Lethal and SoCal Val's wedding.

Harris is on Facebook at His last message, published October 14, reads: "Sometime when I'm riding along the highways in my big 18 wheeler I think of a particular moment in wrestling, and I will just hold on to it as long as I can with warmth. Then again, there are the sad times. I guess we all have them."

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