Thursday, November 3, 2011

On Tuesday, I got up from work and decided to walk out and rock another podcast. The result came out great, content-wise, but it was kind of windy, and that picked up. I apologize for that. I had to get this one out, though. I spent time breaking down my hate for R-Truth that turned into genuine marking out everytime he touches a microphone, as well as my appreciation for Dolph Ziggler. Gave some news on what the fuck is popping with the WWE currently, and played some dope music, including new shit from Daniel Joseph & Tone Liv, as well as cuts from Bumpy Knuckles, Action Bronson, Elucid and Deal - The Villain. Chea!

DOWNLOAD blackrasslin podcast 004

R-Truth - RAW Promo (4/25/2011)
R-Truth's Heel Turn To now
song: Action Bronson - Barry Horowitz
interlude: Barry Horowitz On "Barry Horowitz"
song: Deal - The Villain - Darksied
@HEELZiggler Thoughts
song: Daniel Joseph & Tone Liv - The Grand Entrace
song: Bumpy Knuckles & DJ Premier - BAP
song: Wale ft. Skyzoo - The Hacksaw Jim Duggan
song: Elucid x A.M. Breakups - Demolition

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