Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tonight, I'll be in Trenton, NJ with my son (@JaydenSays) and my sister-in-law, checking out the RAW World Tour show at the Sun National Bank Center. While I'll be happy as long as the matches are good, here are a few things I'm trying to see...

CM Punk killing shit

I've got my "Best In The World" tee ready, and I know he'll be fighting Alberto Del Rio (and possibly John Cena) tonight. I just want to hear Punk do some mic work, and put on a great show. I'm not expecting a title change (as it's a house show), but after seeing him in a number of great matches over the last month, I'd love to see him and Del Rio tear the house down.

my son lose his shit

My son isn't the biggest WWE fan - he's learning right now (and this is a birthday gift); he'll be repping the CeNation tonight, and the ill thing is, while he can't name many wrestlers, he knows who Cena is. I'm predicting the entire place will lose it when his theme music comes on, as it should.

R-Truth and/or The Miz cut a promo

Both of these guys know how to work a crowd, and as being two of the more under-appreciated heels on RAW, they should be trying to draw as much heat as they can. I especially want to see Truth go ham live, bringing up "Lil Jimmy" and/or spiders. Should be a treat.

Those are my majors. I'd like to see Kofi and Evan get some shine, as well as a decent match with Jack Swagger and/or Dolph Ziggler. Not sure which Divas will be representing, but an Eve booty pop never hurts, either. Just no obnoxious smarks. I'll be tweeting (@khal) tonight, using hashtag #WWETrenton, so look out for me!

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