Sunday, September 4, 2011

That's right, my son and I went to the Raw World Tour house show in Trenton, NJ last night. hit some good points on the night, but I figured I'd give you my side of things...

Overall, there was a good crowd. Seemed like there were more people when I saw the Raw World Tour back in January, but there were some young kids right behind me, and my sister-in-law Jen felt the same way I did: those kids were LOUD! And the smarks behind me were annoying. I'll get on with both of them.

01) Air Boom vs. Miz & R-Truth: I was happy to see Evan and Kofi live. Truth and Miz didn't get any promo time, but they got a lot of heat on themselves, early. I actually felt like the crowd was hating Truth more than Miz - saw quite a few Miz shirts, even the older hoodies, in the crowd - even though they were on more women. Bourne needs to work on his "boom slap" thing; either he's just lazy or was tired, but it's not as enthusiastic as Kofi's. Evan's finisher looks GREAT live, though. One of the early highlights of the night.

02) Primo vs. Percy Watson: felt like a Superstars opener match. I didn't realize Primo had entrance music... or was allowed to cut a promo. He bigged up San Juan while shitting on Jersey. Percy got mad "Steve Urkel" hecklers, for good reason, but all my son had to say was

03) Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger: the upside of this match was there wasn't any kind of gutwrench suplex fails like we've seen on Raw. The bad news? Match was kind of meh. People seem to get behind Riley, but yeah, I'm not too impressed.

04) Mason Ryan vs. Zack Ryder: I had heard rumblings of Ryan being back, but was NOT expecting Fake Batista to walk down the ramp. His hair's a bit longer, and he at least has his initials on his trunks, but I wasn't too impressed. Ryder got merked in this match, and while the smarks loved him, he wasn't too over. Meh.

05) Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk: There were a GRIP of CM Punk #BestInTheWorld tees out, for good reason. This match was cool, but it was more playing to the audience. Del Rio spent a lot of time ducking Punk in the beginning, even running into the crowd and holding up a kid (who was pro-Cena) who brought a "I HATE CM PUNK" sign. That shit was proper LOLs. Del Rio ended up winning, which didn't surprise me at all. Punk got to say a few words, and said some kind things about our area getting affected by Hurricane Irene, which I appreciated. They had a lot of comedic spots, and I guess Del Rio wore his t-shirt to get some more buys? It was definitely odd, but him and Ricardo are the perfect '80s heel throwback tandem. Love everything they do.

06) Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix: This match started while I was copping lil man a signed Cena photo, and it didn't matter, although Beth was doing more heat-bringing tactics than I figured she would. I kind of wish she was on TV more. Kelly also looks MUCH better that she does on TV. After this, they did a dance-off where a little kid one, and I swear I heard Vinny from WOF4W tell a similar tale from a house show, so I'm guessing those competitions are kayfabe.

07) Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison: Dolph's promo prior to this match was mint. The match? It was cool. Morrison sold his neck a lot, and didn't pull off as many spots as I thought he would. The guys behind me kept heckling Morrison about Melina and "how does Batista" taste, which I chuckled over, but they were old - just like them saying that Ziggles is using Billy Gunn's moveset. Yawn. Ziggler is the man, though.

08) Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena: the winner of the Del Rio/Punk match was set to face Cena in the main event, which is kind of weird, but you know. Cena's music hits and the fucking building ERUPTS. Always. Kids love Cena, for good reason. They had a fine match, which really showed how dope Del Rio can be. Anything he does involving kicks, drop kicks, etc. is mint IMHO. The bit where he stole a kid's Cena foam finger, and Cena used it to do the U CAN'T C ME/five knuckle shuffle was comedy, and yes, it looks like they retrieved it and the kid got it back. DQ win for Cena, due to Ricardo interference, lead to Punk coming out and them hitting simultaneous GTS/AA on Del Rio and Rodriguez. Fine ending, with Punk getting the final stand. Predictable, but the kids loved it.

Ultimately, my son had a BALL at his first WWE event, and wants to go again. So it was worth the money. I also hear that shots got fired in the parking lot after the event, but I'm not seeing any concrete info on what caused it/if the perps got knocked. I just hope WWE doesn't dismiss Trenton because of that. That's some of the only quality entertainment that I would pay that much money for. All-in-all, great night for the kids. Thank you, WWE!

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