Saturday, January 22, 2011

If you saw my post on rockthedub, you'll know that I attended last night's Raw house show in Trenton. They featured my report on the Trentonian website, and will be running it in the paper tomorrow. Fun stuff. Now, there were some smarks sitting next to me, talking iMPACT! and proper fanboy things, but they were in their own cipher. I imagine we would've hit it off if I could've found a lane into their convo, but since I didn't, hit the jump for some of the points I did not bring up in that report - some things that tickled me, or just brought some more insight to how the WWE is doing things in this "PG Era"...

  • The thing that translates better life is proper heel heat. I must say, pretty much every heel on the card who touched the mic was able to draw proper boos, it seemed. On TV, Tyson Kidd is heeling it up, but in the Fatal Four Way match, he wasn't even a tweener - he wasn't drawing cheers, but compared to DiBiase and William Regal (who grew proper boos just by the stankface he had), he was essentially the 2nd face in the match.
  • Daniel Bryan is just as great live as he is on TV. He and Regal traded European uppercuts, and then Bryan went on a spree of European uppercuts on everyone. Fun to watch.
  • Husky Harris is the truth. He slapped posters out of kids hands, was the first to grab some proper heat, and after Mason Ryan cut a promo about not being known, but being here to prove something, Harris brilliantly grabbed the mic next and uttered "it doesn't matter what was just said" - I don't think he was trying to bury Ryan, but it was a hilarious time to utter that phrase.
  • News Nexus four-man tags are even duller live than on TV. Just no pizazz from guys like Mr. Perfect's Son and Botchtunga. I was calling Mason Ryan "Matista", but he might possibly be greener than I heard he was. At least he admits it.
  • Sheamus is a king without a crown - it's a cheap way to bring in boos, and his mention of Trenton being full of rodents prompted the guy next to me to yell out "YEAH, WE CALL 'EM HOODRATS!" - his match with John Morrison was nothing spectacular - they did a lot more holds, working arms and what not.
  • Not sure why the 6-Diva tag match involved them having a dance-off. Also not sure why the heel divas had a better routine, but that match went by the Diva book. Set up for Eve Torres to dominate for the win.
  • CM Punk wins. He lost to Cena, but his presence alone drew in a ton of hate. And he reveled in it. His use of Cena's "U CAN'T C ME" face motion, as well as his use of the New Nexus to solidify his reign - him fighting SuperCena is just necessary right now. Glad WWE stuck with that decision.
  • Cena had the kids in there going HAM! It almost made no sense for him to have that much power. He's the reason the older guys who watch wrestling say it's dead, but he's the reason the kids come out to watch, and WWE is still able to put on shows. He's their current cashcow, deservedly so.
  • Miz drew the most heat, even if it felt like he worked for it. He teased his "AWESOME!" so much, the fans wanted it as much as they hated it. His match with Orton was cool; you really feel the intensity Orton puts into his moves. I wasn't a fan of the ending - felt like it was almost TOO MUCH Alex Riley, but the fact that the Raw GM chimed in (so random) to make a "No Holds Barred" match (which is ultimately an excuse to give the fans the RKO they missed in the match), to which Orton won, then got to RKO The Miz.
I had a great time at the show - if I was solo, I would've drank more and tried to get backstage, but the Sun National Bank Center doesn't have a bad seat in the house for events like this, and the crowd was amped for the show. Gives me a better outlook at how the WWE moves - even if their movements don't make me happy all the time, I understand them. Maybe I'll check them out next go round - maybe for a Smackdown house show?!?

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