Friday, June 4, 2010

Say hello to the Jimmy and Jules Uso. Along with the beautiful Sarona Snuka, I believe they were the reason behind the break up of Cryme Tyme. Cryme Tyme's gimmick reached its limit and could only go so far with WWE's PG rating. After watching the Uso/Snuka's promo on this week's RAW, it seems as the trio's gimmick will be loosely based on Cryme Tyme's but why not go with the Uso/Snuka crew? Cryme Tyme was cool but you can not ignore the years and years of wrestling prestige and heritage the Uso/Snuka clique has.

Jimmy and Jules Uso are the twin sons of the Rikishi and are members of legendary Anoa'i family. In a wrestling family that includes The Wild Samoans, The Rock, Yokozuna, and others. One could argue the Anoa'i family is perhaps the best wrestling family in the business. If booked correctly, the Uso/Snuka vs. Hart Dynasty rivalry could continue for years in WWE.

Sarona Snuka is the daughter of Sup Sup Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Making her pro debut in 2009, she lacks a lot of experience but she practically grew up in the business. She also has a sexy exotic look that I enjoy lol. A Snuka/Neidhart would be great for the Diva's division as well.

Is it me or does Sarona look like Sarah Stokes from Making the Band???


she does kind of look like Stokes - maybe she likes to get beat like Stokes does?

too soon?

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