Tuesday, May 4, 2010

And Vince won. On last night's TNA iMPACT!, it was announced that TNA will be moving back to Thursdays with taped episodes of iMPACT! airing from 9PM to 11PM starting May 13th (i.e. next week).

AKA Vince won.

No matter what kind of spin they try to put on it, TNA lost. RAW could do low 3s, and TNA would do 0.5s. It just didn't work. They tried to compete - they brought in RVD, Mr. Anderson and others, and while they did great - WCW Lite just didn't have enough to beat Vince on an even playing field.

The question now is: will they improve on Thursday nights? Can they pull consistent 1s and 2s in their "preferred" timeslot? Only time will tell.

Or maybe not. Maybe the ship is going to capsize. Keep watching.

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